Not all radishes are Red…

     What is all this business about radishes, anyway? Well, the humble radish is a root crop, and is closely related  etymologically to the Latin word radix, meaning root; sharing this heritage is the politically charged term radical, which has come to be associated with extremists, even bomb-throwing, anarchist extremists.  Despite this unfortunate connotation, I am one to insist that it is a decent, perfectly acceptable term to describe those wish to get to the root of a problem as opposed to beating around the bush, attending to false appearances, etc., etc.

     Historically a lot of those who called themselves radicals were of a Leftist persuasion—socialists, communists, and others with a collectivist bent. There is no reason, however, that someone on the Right, or, even as I would express it, the libertarian Not-Left, could not intellectually embrace the notion of discovering and promoting solutions to political and social problems that went to the heart of the issue.  Both Leftists and the Conservative Right are afraid of getting down and dirty into the fundamentals.  It might involve changes, indeed huge changes.  Such changes invoke fear in many of us.  Don’t upset the apple cart, they say!

     Or is it the radish cart?  I am sorry, but I will persist in this, as the radical approach is the only true path to change. Incrementalism is safe, but sorry.

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